June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017
Posted on 06/22/2017

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017
Un-Official Minutes

Call to Order: Board President Dorene Scheffel called the regular meeting to order at 6:50 pm. At roll call, the following board members responded as present: Ms. Adkins, Mrs. McDaniel, Mr. Stoufer, Mr. Weilage and Mrs. Scheffel. Mr. Hendrix and Mr. Livingston were absent.

Administrators: Dr. Mark Schweer, Dr. Joel Beyenhof, Dave Black, Jeff Carper, Barb Grell, Dale Kreher, Tim Means, Kent Stopak and Laurie Thies.

Guest in attendance: Bob Lapke, Tim Rohwer and Joe Zadina

Approve Agenda: Ms. Adkins moved, seconded by Mr. Weilage, that the agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

Commendations/Good News:
Girls Soccer State Champs!
•   Omaha and surrounding area schools submitted artwork to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival student show. LC students were the big winners
Cheerleaders, SkillsUSA, summer school, summer camps and many more activities.
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Comments & Suggestions: None

Consent Agenda: Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Mrs. McDaniel, that the Consent Agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: The Consent Agenda included approval of minutes – May 1, 2017 meeting, Financial Reports; Summary of Revenue and Expenses; and Activities Fund. Bills recommended for payment and Personnel – Licensed – Approval to Employ: Licensed - Approval to Employ - Emily Schwery – KR Elementary Teacher, Desiree Kudrin – TH Elementary Teacher, Hannah Wittenberg – TH Elementary Teacher, Nathaniel Adkins – TH Elementary Teacher, Ashley Conner – MS Science Teacher, Melinda Brewer – TH Elementary Teacher. Licensed – Resignations - Marisha Dang – MS Assistant Volleyball Coach, Kimberly Barents – HS Assistant Volleyball Coach. Classified Resignations/Terminations - Duane Nowatzke - HS Custodian, Leslie King – KR SpEd Paraeducator, Amanda Ross – KR SpEd Paraeducator, Sally Gochenour – TRN Bus Monitor, Teresa Griffith – ERC District Accountant. Licensed Transfers - Taylor May – MS Science Teacher to HS Science Teacher. Classified Transfers/Promotions - Cindy Wolf – KR Office Clerk to MS Library Clerk, Aaron Egner – MS PT Custodian to HS Lead Custodian, Michael Lidgett – TH/ERC PT Custodian to TH/ERC FT Custodian. Teacher Leadership Positions – High School – Dave Bergman, Jackie Bode-Steinke, Kelly Boyle, Alyssa Chambers, Dana Dose, Lorraine Duitsman, Ted Duitsman, Brett Ford, Tom Hutchinson, Lori Jasa, Todd Johnson, Sara Langdon, Tom McLaughlin, Kimberly Muta, Molly Pettit, Allison Towne, Roxanne Wiles, Christina Woodward. Kreft – Kristna Beckner, LoriAnn Brougham, Skyler Dobernecker, Jill Heller, Amy Higginbotham, Sarah Langille, Wendy Pomrenke, Michelle Schaeffer, Amberly Schechinger, Meghan Sewing, Beth Smith, Kimberly Swanger, Kellie Vinchattle, Sandy Williams, Tara York. Middle School – Nicole Baker, Ryan Barker, Brett Weldon, Kelly Carr, Marisha Dang, Brianna Entringer, Ron Frascht, Wenda Gilman, Misti Groat, Danielle Guntly, Jennifer Johnson, Laurie Kammrad, Johnny Kurt, Trudy Nielsen Kimble, Cheryl Ryan, Lora Shanks, Burke Swenson, Corrie Wohlers. Titan Hill – Jill Applegate, Jeanne Bartholow, Maggie Bennett, Deborah Croson, Darla Dixon, Susan Drustrup, Chris Eckerman, Kris Horton, Jennifer Kerber, Jennifer Lighthipe, Maggie Miller, Laura Nickman, Lisa Scieszinski, Ashley Smith, Lanesa Statzer, Jennifer Stroup, Nancy Walker, Ashley Wilson, Kris York. Carried: 4-1 with Ms. Adkins abstaining.

• Lamp Rynearson/Theile Geotech - Joe Zadina from Lamp Rynearson and Bob Lapke from Theile Geotech were at the meeting to report on the soil issues that were discovered at the new concession building work site. Due to the fact that the work site is in a flood plain and since the water table rises with the amount of rain we receive corrective measures were needed. Both Joe and Bob were confident that there will be no problems with the stability of the site after corrections are made.

Discussion Items
7.01 Student Fees for 2017-2018
Public schools in Iowa are authorized by law to charge for the following fees:
Textbook (Iowa Code section 301.1)
Eye and ear protective devices (280.10 & 280.11)
Driver Education (282.6)
Tuition for summer school (282.6)

Code also dictates that we allow for free and reduced fees. To the best of our knowledge we have not increased any of these fees since at least the 2009‐2010 school year. In light of the fact that textbook/instructional materials continue to increase in costs; we are receiving less money from the state; and that we have not increased fees for at least 7 years, Dr. Schweer is recommending that textbook fees be increased by $10 at all three grade levels.

7.02 Change Order for Track Reconstruction Project
We have already talked about the changes that had to be made to address the soil issue associated with the track. Joe Zadiina from Lamp Rynearson was at the April 19, 2017 board meeting. The board did authorize proceeding at that time so that we did not delay the project.

This is the official documentation associated with this change order. The change order involves an “add” to the project totaling $42,637 and a “deduct” of $6,216. This will result in an additional cost to the project of $36,421.

7.03 Approval of Student Handbooks for 2017-2018
The board takes action each year to approve the Student Handbooks. Student Handbooks are an extension of board policy. Kreft and Titan Hill operate with the same handbook. The board has specifically requested additional information pertaining to how we are addressing “bullying and harassment”. The principals will speak to this issue during the review of the handbooks.

I have asked the Principals to provide you with an overview summary sheet of the major changes being proposed. The Middle School does not have any major changes.

7.04 Technology Purchases for 2017-2018
There are several more technology related purchases for your consideration. Dave has provided you with detailed information. Here is a breakdown of the recommended purchases:
• Wireless network design modification and implementation (IP Pathways) $11,970.00 (PPEL)
• Cat6 wiring pulls for Access Points at Titan Hill (Computer Cable Connection) $7,926.12 (PPEL)
• Chromebook carts for Kreft (Gov Connection) $15,653.16 (PPEL)
• I‐Ready Diagnostic Assessments for Reading & Math (Curriculum Associates) $36,280.00 (GF)
• Odyssey Curriculum software annual renewal (Edgenuity) $17,800.00 (GF)
• Alerton HVAC control software upgrade (Control Management) $18,125.00 (PPEL)

7.05 Administrator Salaries for 2017-2018
All Administrators are agreeable to move from a $500 to a $1000 deductible on health insurance in consideration for a 2% salary increase. Moving from the $500 to a $1000 deductible will result in an overall savings of $19,815. The savings associated with a reduction in benefits coupled with a 2% salary increase results in an overall package increase of 0.88%.

7.06 Superintendent Contract
The Board has asked Dr. Schweer to consider staying with the District for an additional year. Therefore, offering him a two year contract.

Comments & Suggestions: None

Action Items
9.01 Student Fees for 2017-2018
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve an increase in textbook rental fees by $10 at all three grade levels for the 2017‐2018 school year. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

9.02 Change Order for Track Reconstruction Project
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve change order #1 from Lamp Rynearson for the track reconstruction project with a net cost of $36,421.00. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

9.03 Approval of Student Handbooks for 2017-2018
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Mr. Stoufer, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve the student handbooks for the 2017‐2018 school year. Discussion: Ms. Adkins noted that since some handbook rules were not being enforced, do those rules need to be changed? Carried: 5-0

9.04 Technology Purchases for 2017-2018
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Mr. Stoufer, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve to above referenced technology purchases totaling $107,754.28. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

9.05 Administrator Salaries for 2017-2018
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Mr. Stoufer, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve a 2% salary increase with a $1,000 deductible for health insurance, totaling a .88% total package increase. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

9.06 Superintendent Contract
Mr. Weilage moved, seconded by Mrs. McDaniel, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors extend Dr. Schweer a two year contract ending June 2019 and to approve a 1% salary increase with an 11% annuity contribution for the 2017/18 school year. Discussion: None Carried: 5-0

Information/Future Items
*Regular School Board Meeting – July 17, 2017

With no further business before them, at 8:05 pm, Ms. Adkins motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Weilage. By voice vote, all were in favor.

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