The Lewis Central Community School District's Science curriculum begins with K-12 overarching enduring understandings, essential questions and learning progressions to build a picture of coherence of learning and increasingly sophisticated thinking of those understandings. We have built these using multiple national and state documents including the Iowa Core Curriculum and National Science Teachers Association Readers' Guide to a Framework for K-12 Science Education (2012). 

Excerpts from the Iowa Core Curriculum for Science document include the following: 

As the amount of scientific knowledge expands, the need for ALL students to have a deep understanding of essential concepts increases. Technological advances have made information more readily available and decreased the need to memorize vocabulary and formulas. The scientific community agrees that we should teach fewer concepts at greater depth. It moves beyond, as stated in the research report, Taking Science to School (National Research Council, The National Academies. Washington, D.C. 2007) "a focus on the dichotomy between either content knowledge or process skills because content and process are inextricably linked in science. Students who are proficient in science:
Know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world;
Generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations;
Understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge; and
Participate productively in scientific practices and discourse.

There are eight categories of standards, however the additional content standard: Unifying Concepts and Processes complements the other standards. The concepts and procedures in this category provide students with productive and insightful ways of thinking about and integrating basic ideas that explain the natural and designed world. These concepts and processes include:
Systems, order, and organization
Evidence, models, and explanation
Constancy, change, and measurement
Evolution and equilibrium
Form and function
Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking and a way of investigating. Students must have the opportunity to examine the impact science has had, and will continue to have, on the environment and society. These opportunities are the focus of the integrated standards.

For a complete list of standards for science at the Lewis Central Community School District follow the link below at the Iowa Department of Education's website:

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