Policy 1005.3 - Sales Promotions Prohibited


Educational facilities, teachers, and students shall not be used in any manner for the promotions of sale of services or products of agencies or organizations operating for profit. The Board of Directors specifically forbids such as the following:

1) Distribution by students of pamphlets urging students, parents, and others to purchase services or products sold for profit.

2) The sale by students or teachers of products and/or services except in relation to production by students as part of the program as may be listed as a money-raising activity for student benefit. 

In the case of goods or services related to an approved program or activity, procurement for those goods or services will be made by a representative of the activities department and subsequent payment for goods or services will be made by disbursement from a district bank account. If the cost of these goods or services are passed on to students or participants, payment must be made payable to Lewis Central Community School District and must be promptly deposited in a district bank account. 

No employee of the district is authorized to personally receive and disburse funds from students and parents in connection with district programs or activities. District employees involved with requesting and/or receiving funds related to an approved program or activity should at all times advise parents and students that payments must be made payable to the Lewis Central Community School District. 

3) Similar activities which would involve the teachers and students and which would interfere with the normal time and activities of the school.

Specifically exempted from the provisions of this policy shall be a student insurance program.

When the Board of Directors and superintendent feel that the educational gain outweighs any promotional purpose, prior approval can be given by the Board to an activity.

Adopted: 08/16/99
Modified: 03/05/07
Reviewed: 07/19/99; 02/19/07; 01/23/12; 04/03/17

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