Policy 803.7 - Purchasing Authority


The Board of Directors believes the district’s purchase of goods and services should provide for the most effective and efficient use of public funds in the operation of the district and its educational program while allowing a variety of vendors to compete for provision of the goods. The Board supports economic development in Iowa, particularly in the district community. Therefore, all purchases shall be made in the district community or in Iowa for Iowa goods and services from Iowa based companies if the quotes or bids submitted are comparable in price to those submitted by other vendors and meet the required specifications.

All purchases made in the name of the district shall be made in accordance with Iowa law and the Board’s policies. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent, or designee, to approve such purchases except those authorized by or requiring direct board action.

The superintendent shall have the authority to authorize purchases without competitive bids for goods and services costing under $10,000. For large items and/or groups of similar items under $10,000, the practice shall be to receive quotations from a minimum of two vendors. When only one vendor supplies a particular product, written record will be made regarding the purchase and retained in a central file. All purchases under $10,000 and expenditures for fuel oil, textbooks, and consumable school supplies shall be purchased in accordance with administrative rules and regulations. For a single item or group of similar items costing over $10,000, the Board reserves the right to act on the purchases. Multiple vendors shall be invited to provide written quotes. The administration shall review the quotes and provide a written recommendation to the Board for action.

The award of contract will be made to the lowest vendor based upon total cost considerations, including, but not limited to, the cost of the goods and services being purchased, availability of service and/or repair, and delivery date. The Board shall have the right to reject any or all quotes or any part thereof, to waive informalities, and to enter into such contract or contracts as shall be deemed in the best interests of the district. The superintendent shall recommend to the Board from whom the purchase should be made, briefly stating the reasons whenever the recommendation is not for the lowest quote. A contract, which has been awarded, may be canceled by the Board upon the recommendation of the superintendent, who shall state the reasons for the recommendation to the Board.

Construction projects estimated at a cost of $25,000 shall be advertised and bid as required by the Code of Iowa. All construction projects undertaken in the name of the district shall be made in accordance with Iowa law and the Board’s policies. It shall be the responsibility of the Board to approve construction contracts. A public hearing and competitive sealed bids are required for all construction contracts in excess of $25,000. The Board shall advertise the public hearing in a newspaper designated for official publication in the district at least ten days prior to the hearing. The Board shall advertise for competitive sealed bids by publishing two notices, the first notice shall be published no later than 15 days prior to the date bids will be received, in a newspaper designated for official publication within the county in which the work is to be done. In the case of emergency construction, a certificate stating the need for it shall be obtained from the Area Education Agency Administrator.

Adopted: 9/21/87
Modified 12/05/05
Reviewed: 8/21/95; 1/18/99; 11/21/05; 12/06/10; 11/07/16

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261 I.A.C. 54.
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Cross Reference: Series 803 Expenditures
Series 901 Site Acquisition and Building Construction
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