Exhibit 505.1a - Use of Student Records Regulation


Student records are all official records, files, and data directly related to students, including all material incorporated into each student's cumulative record folder, and intended for school use or to be available to parties outside the school or school system specifically including, but not necessarily limited to: date; academic work completed; level of achievement (grades, standardized test scores); attendance data; scores on standardized intelligence, aptitude, and psychological tests; interest inventory results; health data; family background information; teacher or counselor ratings and observations; and verified reports of serious or recurrent behavior patterns.

The intent of this regulation is to establish procedures for granting requests from parents for access to their child's records, use of the data, and procedures for its transmittal within forty-five days.

A. Access to Records

1. The parent or legal guardian of a student will have access to these records upon written request to the board secretary.

The parent or legal guardian will, upon written request to board secretary, have the opportunity to receive an interpretation of the records, have the right to question the data, and if a difference of opinion is noted, shall be permitted to file a letter in the cumulative folder stating the dissenting person's position. If further challenge is made to the record, the normal appeal procedures established by school policy will be followed.

A student, eighteen years or older, has the right to determine who, outside the school system, has access to the records.

2. School personnel having access to student records are defined as "any person or persons under contract to the school and directly involved in working toward either the effective or cognitive goals of the school."

B. Release of Information Outside the School

1. To release student records to other school(s) in which the student intends to enroll, the parents, legal guardian, or student of majority age must be notified of the transfer and the kinds of information being released.

They will receive a copy of such information if it is requested in writing and shall have the opportunity to challenge the records as described above.

2. Student records may be released to official education and other government agencies only if the names and all identifying markings are removed to prevent the identification of individuals.

3. To release student records to other persons or agencies, written consent shall be given by the parent, legal guardian, or by a student of majority age. This consent form will state which records shall be released, to whom they shall be released, and the reason for the release. A copy of the specific records being sent will be made available to the person signing the release form if requested.

4. Student records will be furnished in compliance with judicial orders, or pursuant to any lawfully issued subpoena, if the parents, legal guardian, or student of majority age are notified in advance.

5. All authorization may be disbursed by the administration following (1) proper notification of students and guardians, and (2) an opportunity for the student or guardian to request the information not be disbursed. Any request restricting distribution will be honored.

Adopted: Unknown
Modified: 05/22/89; 01/09/95
Reviewed: 12/19/94; 02/04/08; 07/16/12; 12/04/17

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