October 2, 2017

October 2, 2017 Board Minutes
Posted on 10/04/2017

Un-Official Minutes

Call to Order: Board President Dorene Scheffel called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 pm. At roll call, the following board members responded as present: Ms. Adkins, Mr. Hendrix, Mrs. McDaniel, Mr. Portrey, Mr. Stoufer and Mrs. Scheffel. Mr. Weilage arrived late.

Administrators: Dr. Mark Schweer, Dr. Joel Beyenhof, Dave Black, Jeff Carper and Dale Kreher

Guest in attendance: Josh Allen Media: Tim Johnson

Approve Agenda: Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mr. Portrey, that the agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: None Carried: 6-0

Commendations/Good News: The thunderstorm moving through the area early Monday morning caused power outages in all of our buildings except the High School. Power was restored by 7:45 am.

Comments & Suggestions: None

Consent Agenda:
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the consent agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: The Consent Agenda included approval of minutes – September 18, 2017 Board Meeting. Administrative Recommendations – Personnel - Licensed - Approval to Employ - James Driver – HS BPA Sponsor (1/3). Classified Approval to Employ - Kimberly Nixon – HS Nutrition Services, Julie Meier Childers – TH SpEd Paraeducator, Sarah Gleichman – HS Nutrition Services. Classified Resignations/Terminations - Leah Doolan – TRN Bus Monitor/Sub Van Driver, Martin Tomich – HS FT Custodian. Classified Transfers/Promotions - Patricia Lee – HS Nutrition Serv. Assoc. to HS Head Cook. Miscellaneous Contracts / Items: Band Fund raising request form. Carried: 7-0

• Technology Integration Efforts – Josh Allen presented an Instructional Technology Update. Topics included Google Classroom, Book Creator for Google Chrome, Introduction of Chromebooks at Kreft using Clever, Augmented Reality software at Kreft, Hyper Docs and Animated Gifs, Breakout EDU and Class Intercom.

• ACT Results – Dr. Beyenhof
Dr. Schweer invited Dr. Joel Beyenhof to the meeting to report on the 16/17 ACT Scores. Our overall ACT composite for the past several years is as follows along with the number of students taking the test:
2009 – 21.8 122 2014 – 22.3 128
2010 – 22.5 122 2015 – 21.4 144
2011 – 22.2 137 2016 – 21.7 146
2012 – 21.3 151 2017 – 21.6 163
2013 – 21.3 129

Steps being taken to improve the test scores are:
Data analysis with Building Leadership Team and Departments
Department work with ACT
Course selection review
College Readiness Course
o Test prep lessons and practice assessments
Access for all students to John Baylor Test Prep resources
o Online access to tutorials
Implications how students will handle complex text – test they will see in college and career.
Fast Forward

• High School Building Improvement Plan – Dr. Beyenhof
Dr. Beyenhof continued with a presentation of the High School Building Improvement Plan. Areas discussed included: Core Values, District Goals, Student Achievement Plans, Measuring the impact of the work, three pronged approach to Professional Learning Days, PBIS and the LCHS Instruction Vision.

Discussion Items
7.01 First Reading of Several Policies
Policy 1006 Tobacco‚ÄźFree Environment (last reviewed 02/02/15)
Template policy provided. We need to update our policy to include the word “nicotine”
Policy 502.8 Tobacco, Drugs, and Alcohol (last reviewed in 10/06/14)
Policy needs to include “nicotine products”
Policy 502.5 Corporal Punishment/Physical Confinement (last reviewed 11/07/11)
Laurie Thies will review in relation to use of the Safety Room for Special Education Students.
Policy 504.1 Student Health and Immunization Certificates (last reviewed 10/15/12)
Template policy provided.
District Nurses are also reviewing.
Policy 505.3 Leaving School Grounds During School Day (last reviewed 10/15/12)
Template policy provided.
Policy 505.6 Student Directory Information (last reviewed 07/16/12)
Template Policy provided.

7.02 Change Order for the Bleacher Project
This change order is actually a deduct as a result in a change for the concrete foundation for the bleacher project in the amount of $7,982.50 plus the remaining contingency allowance of $2,145.30 for a total change order deduct of $10,127.80.

Comments & Suggestions: None

Action Items
9.01 First Reading of Several Policies
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve the above reference policies on first reading. Discussion: None Carried: 7-0

9.02 Change Order for the Bleacher Project
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Ms. Adkins, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve a change order deduct for the bleacher project totaling $10,127.80. Discussion: None Carried: 7-0

Information/Future Items
*Regular School Board Meeting – October 16, 2017

With no further business before them, at 7:35 pm Ms. Adkins motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Stoufer. By voice vote, all were in favor.

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