November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017 Board Minutes
Posted on 11/08/2017

Un-Official Minutes

Call to Order: Board President Dorene Scheffel called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 pm. At roll call, the following board members responded as present: Mr. Hendrix, Mrs. McDaniel, Mr. Portrey, Mr. Stoufer, Mr. Weilage, Mrs. Scheffel.

Administrators: Dr. Mark Schweer, Dave Black and Barb Grell

Guest in attendance: Gabe Wagner, Media: Tim Johnson

Approve Agenda: Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mr. Stoufer, that the agenda be approved as presented. Discussion: None Carried: 6-0

Commendations/Good News:
•Veterans Day assembly on Friday 11/10.
•Chromebooks continue to be implemented in elementary grade levels and are working well.
•Literacy night will be held at Kreft on Wednesday, 11/9.
•There has been a great deal of interest in band at all ages and levels.

Comments & Suggestions - None

Consent Agenda:
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mr. Portrey, that the consent agenda be approved as presented. The Consent Agenda included: Administrative Recommendations – Personnel Licensed - Approval to Employ - Justin Rosenbohm – HS Assistant Fall Play Director – eff 10/1/17. Classified Approval to Employ - Jessica McIntosh – LCLC Associate – eff 10/25/17; Kimberly Thomas – LCLC Associate – eff 10/31/17. Classified Resignations/Terminations - Nichole Perkins – KR Instructional Paraeducator – eff 11/21/17; Tyler Sell – MS SpEd Paraeducator – eff 11/10/17; Austin Staton – KR Nutrition Services – eff 10/27/17; *Arnold Arrick – TRN Bus Driver – eff 11/6/17*. Pay or Hour work time Increase/Decrease - *Carolina Schultz – MS SpEd Paraeducator increase from $11.40 to $12.40 – Bachelor’s Degree in related field - eff 11/6/17. Discussion: None Carried: 6-0

• Kreft School Building Improvement Plan- Barb Grell
Mrs. Grell presented to the board the Elementary School Improvement Plan update. Topics included PBIS, BLT, teacher evaluation, and usage of early dismissal days, professional learning goals and action plans. The professional learning goals will focus on improving lesson planning, formative assessments and teacher coaching. She shared student achievement goals which will focus on reading and literacy. Every student will make at least one years’ worth of growth. In addition she discussed the 5 steps in the teacher learning cycle: setting goals, analyzing data, monitoring, assessing and adjusting practice, implementing new learning, learning individually and collaboratively.

Discussion Items
7.01 SBRC Application
The District is eligible for the maximum Modified Supplemental Amount for Open Enrollment Out not in fall 2016 and ELL Instruction Beyond 5 years. This is not money but rather spending authority. We would need to levy cash reserves to cover this authority.

7.02 First Reading of Policy 505.2
#505.2 Interviews With Students (last reviewed 11/19/12) Principals have suggested adding some language from the template policy

Comments & Suggestions - None

Action Items
9.01 SBRC Application
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mr. Weilage, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve the SBRC Application as presented. Discussion: None Carried: 6-0

9.02 First Reading of Policy 505.2
Mr. Hendrix moved, seconded by Mrs. McDaniel, that the Lewis Central Board of Directors approve Policy 505.2 for first reading. Discussion: None Carried: 6-0

Information/Future Items
*IASB Convention – November 16, 2017
*Regular School Board Meeting – November 20, 2017

With no further business before them, at 7:10 pm Mr. Hendrix motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Stoufer. By voice vote, all were in favor.

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